Best of Hudson Valley Weddings 2008: Parent Dance Part 1



Are you stuck on picking out a song for your parent dance?  You want something that fits your relationship…something different…but not too different?

A few tips before you start beating your head against the wall in frustration over finding the “perfect” parent dance song:

  • Ask your mom or dad if they have a particular song in mind.  If they come up with a song that’s special for them, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.  Job done!
  • Think back to your childhood.  Is there any song or artist who makes you think of your dad?  Does he have a favorite singer?  If so, this could point you to the right song for your parent dance together.
  • Don’t worry about the lyrics too much.  (Most people don’t listen that close anyway.)  If you find a song that’s meaningful to you, who cares if it’s an “official” parent dance song.  You and your dad will get it.
  • If you do choose a less traditional song for your parent dance, ask your entertainer to provide a simple explanation for your audience.  For example, “Jennifer picked out ‘You Are My Sunshine’ for her special dance with her father because he sang it to her when she was a little girl.”  Instantly an unusual parent dance choice becomes perfect.

Stay tuned for my favorite Parent Dance songs of 2008 over the next couple days.

Are you having a tough time picking out your parent dance song?  Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help out.

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