Best Wedding Ever Workshop Success

We did it!

Vivian, Jen and I held our Best Wedding Ever Workshop last week at Space in Highland.  I can’t tell you how much fun we had putting this together.

Hold on a second.  Yes, I can tell you, and I will.  We had so much fun!

It all started with Jen’s presentation, an enlightening education on the essentials of wedding day timing.  She warned about the dangers of not leaving enough time at those critical moments and suggested an ideal timeline for maximum enjoyment…and minimum stress…throughout your wedding day.

I’ve attended hundreds of weddings, but my perspective is so different from a videographer’s.  Jen’s suggestions were spot on, and things that I would never know to advise a bride.  She stressed the importance of eating, especially if your friends are going to force you into doing shots later.  Yep, you can imagine how ugly that can get!

Vivian followed with and amazing, inspirational demonstration of color and individuality.  With her trusty assistant/beautiful model in a wedding gown, she showed us how to kick up your look with colorful accessories and details, from shoes to hair and sashes.  In seconds she threw together a show-stopping (cheap!) centerpiece idea.  The colors and ideas were flying!

Finally, I gave my presentation on the importance of finding your Wow Factor and using it to make your wedding totally unique.  It’s all about telling your story.  I won’t rehash that now…I’ve been blabbing about it on this blog for months, but one of my brides volunteered to share a bit about herself and her fiance so that we could brainstorm how to weave it into her wedding for added uniqueness and meaning.  Man, I love telling stories!

I am so pleased at how everything went and so thankful to all the brides who attended.  Oh, and to Jeff, who was the only guy in the room.  (Truthfully, he didn’t mind a bit.  He likes it when ladies get together and talk fashion, especially when the conversation comes around to undergarments.)

Got a wedding topic you’d like us to cover?  Leave me a comment and I’ll work it into our next workshop.  ‘Cuz you know there’s going to be another one!

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