Christo’s Wedding of Lori and Steve

4.20.10  The first time we met with Lori and Steve in our humble living room, I knew they had an amazing wedding

64 Camero Cake Topper

Photo by Steph

ahead of them at Christo’s in Poughkeepsie, NY.  It was written in their eyes when they smiled at each other…and in the rapid exchange of mercilous teasing between the two of them.

Their love story began 12 years ago on an airplane trip to Hawaii that they had both won, separately, from the radio station K104.  Lori and Steve’s friendship didn’t blossom into a full blown romance until more recently, but it was obviously they were meant for each other.

In the love letters they wrote for each other, Steve revealed his admiration for Lori’s dedication to her loved ones and her propensity for falling, off jet skis and out of their boat, and firmly promised not to let her fall off the train on their honeymoon trip to Disney.

Lori shared her love for Steve’s humor, the way he makes her laugh almost every day, and how he gets just as excited as she does about Date Night.  (Does this mean you like chick flicks,too, Steve?)

THE DETAILS:  Lovely purple and white bouquets.  The cake was topped with a cherry red ’64 Camero carrying a miniature bride and groom inside.  The beautiful bride wore ruby slippers beneath her dress.

An uninvited guest decided to crash the wedding: Tubey on steriods, a giant tube complete with a yellow smiley face helium balloon head.  It was a reference to an inside joke about the regifted “tubes” circulating between the families, but you’ll have to ask Steve for the whole story.

It was such a pleasure to watch Lori just bubbling over with happiness, while Steve (mostly) behaved himself.  The Best Man was right: you guys DO shine.

Christo’s Catering

Photos by Elissa Davidson Photography (and her charming husband Brian)

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