Dutchess Manor Wedding: June and Vinny

2.18.12  Vinny and June’s wedding at the Dutchess Manor in Beacon, NY was an intimate celebration of their love.  Even the rough and tumble cops in the group were smiling all night…in between shots at the bar. 

The bridal party was introduced to “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, and before Vinny and June joined their guests, a photo montage played images of the two with their horses and motorcycles.  Then they danced themselves in to “Get the Party Started” by Pink.  June was radiant with her hair drawn over one shoulder.

The Details

The tables were decorated with pale pink Dutchess Manor roses.  Guests were given adorable chocolate horseshoe wedding favors.  A bride and groom Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorated the head table.

 The Ice Breaker

It was very important to June that her guests have fun the whole night.  So she included an “ice breaker” as entertainment at each table: Wedding Mad Libs.  Guests filled in adjectives, nouns and verbs to create wacky…and naughty…wedding wishes.  We read a few choice ones; it was a task for this group to keep it PG-13.  🙂

June’s daughter and Maid of Honor revealed that she was the one who set up the newlyweds on their first date.  June had called her after their first date and reported seeing a “short, bald Italian guy” at the door, but then she saw his cowboy boots and his smile, and knew he was the man for her.

Some of the sweetest moments: Vinny dancing to “My Girl” with his daughter, her satin slippers standing on his shoes.  June and her daughter swaying together as Bette Midler sang, “Wind Beneath My Wings” in the background, and then June’s sons cutting in one after the other.

It was a true pleasure celebrating with such a loving couple, their family and friends.  Thanks for having us!

Dutchess Manor

Sherry Buchanan

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