Education in Lithuania

One of the principal benefits of the training will be reputation of Lithuanian and availability, together with the quality diplomas in other places in the earth as well as Europe.

Info that is standard Place Republic of Lithuania is situated in Europe on the Sea’s western shore. The area of the nation – 65 301 km2. Climate: The change between serious frosts in winter and continental and historic, there’s no sweltering summer temperature. The common summer temp is 22, and in winter drops to -1 / -3 -9 day and night. Population: around. 3 000-000, which 0.54% – emigrants

Formal language: Lithuanian

Cash: Vilnius

Currency: since 2015 in the european being used by Lithuania

The educational program in Lithuania

Secondary schooling and principal is mandatory in Lithuania and runs from kindergarten. Secondary – colleges 11-12 sessions. Upon achievement, students cross maturation “‘s “exam, i.e. 3 and the Lithuanian dialect in the selection of the topic. Higher-education (college, academy, seminary board):

  • University – 3-4 years, at the conclusion of given professional diploma (Bachelor’s)
  • University – 3.5-4.5 years.
  • Master – 1-2 years
  • Doctoral or creative studies – 3-6 years

Why Lithuania?

Lithuanians is one of many most qualified places in Europe and annually at its colleges comes to 15% of international students. International students are offered over 300 degree programs at the bachelor’s or master’s-degree by Lithuania. Knowledge is high-quality and affordable. The price of surviving in Lithuania is one of the lowest within the EU, and pupils maybe given scholarships and advantages. The expense of living and studying in Lithuania Knowledge in schools that are Lithuanian is from 1.5 to 4 million pounds annually. Housing in Lithuania expensive, and students discounts. The card is while in the money is 15 , meal in the cafe – accommodation in a hostel at the university, 3-5 – 55-100 per month.

Scholarships for international students in Lithuania In Lithuania, there are several chances for scholarships:

  • Financing method full-time education – for foreign learners research papers sale wishing to review in Lithuania on the master, the fulltime education.
  • State capital software of incomplete studies or research actions – for students who would like to arrived at Lithuania for informative or medical instruction on the plan (Baltic Studies) or summer courses of the Lithuanian dialect and tradition.
  • Erasmus Mundus and The Erasmus system
  • Fulbright program

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