Gift For the Anxious Groom


Looking for ways to get your fiance more involved in the wedding? Help is on the way.

One of the big reasons your groom to be may be reluctant to dive into wedding planning is because he just isn’t sure what to do or how to do it.  He figures you can do a much better job.  He’s probably right…but it’s his day, too.

Enter Steve Lewis’ book, The Complete Guidebook For the Anxious Groom.

Before continuing I must confess…I’m a HUGE Steve Lewis fan.  He’s mentor, my friend, and an extremely talented writer who lives, works and plays right here in the Hudson Valley.  So this recommendation comes with a wee bit bias.

Even so, this book is highly entertaining.  It’s a guidebook written for a clueless groom by a clueless groom.  And when it comes to cluelessness…Steve is the voice of experience.

But seriously…

By his own admission, Steve Lewis was about as clueless as it could get when he got married.  And with seven children…five of them daughters…he’s seen marriage from just about every possible angle.

I laughed reading about Steve’s own clueless engagement and wedding.  But the book is not all about humor.  He’s actually (actually!) got some good information buried in there, from picking out engagement rings to bachelor party no-no’s.  It’s a quick, enjoyable read and one your guy will likely find much to relate to…and learn from.

If you check it out on, let me know what you think.

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