Grandview Wedding Jackie and Nick

8.8.10 What an amazing wedding for Jackie and Nick under the tent at the Grandview in Poughkeepsie, NY!

Black Sabbath Table

Photo by Steph

They were a non-traditional couple (our specialty) and Nick, a musician himself, made it clear that they did NOT want the typical cheesy wedding songs or a cookie-cutter wedding experience. Our kind of couple!

Thanks to their great taste in music (80’s new wave, Talking Heads, the Cure, Billy Joel, Leonard Cohen) and their fun-loving guests, delivering was a cinch. And so much fun!

Jackie and Nick were introduced to “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash and shared a first dance to “San Francisco Serenade” by Tom Waits. Cool, right?

Each table was named after one of Jackie and Nick’s favorite bands: Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Led Zeppelin and (my favorite) Black Sabbath. The newlyweds made a decree that if we played a song by one of these artists, the table named for it would have to dance. This was an excellent idea, as each table hopped up when their artist was played. It was the first time I’ve seen anyone dance to Radiohead!

Nick and Jackie's Menu

Photo by Steph

THE DETAILS: The girls wore gray gowns that matched the linens on the tables. Flowers at the tables were variegated yellow and red roses with purple flower accents that came together with the bright lilac chair covers. The cake was decorated in blue, yellow and pink psychedelic starbursts to match the menus. (Nicely done, Pastry Chef, Casey!)

Jackie was the picture of vintage beauty, tall and elegant in her simple bird cage veil and loose lace bolero. Nick and the guys wore purple striped ties to match the wedding colors.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Nick arranged a surprise serenade for his new bride. He plugged his guitar into Jeff’s amp and sang a song he had written. “You are the vinyl. I am the needle. You make me sing…” Thunderous applause!

Not only did we get to play some kick-butt music, we got to hang with real music lovers and help Nick and Jackie create a wedding that was totally them. Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of it!

The Grandview

Photos by Steve Planck of Blue Sky Photography

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