Guitar Parlor Fundraiser Raises $1,000 For Hospice!

Thanks to the generosity of our Guitar Parlor guests, we raised over $1,000 for Hospice! The proceeds are going to Hospice’s music therapy program.

Hospice services focus on comfort and quality of life for terminally ill patients.  Whereas hospitals are driven to provide treatment and prolong life…even when these efforts only make things worse…Hospice allows patients the peace and comfort they need at the end of life.

My grandmother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an extremely deadly and virulent form of cancer, in 1998.  She was a vital, active sixty-six year old woman who played tennis twice a week and was an EMT volunteer for the Beacon Ambulance Corp.  Only four months after diagnosis, she was lying in a hospital bed on a respirator.

My grandmother died in that cold hospital room.  And though she was surrounded by her family, if we had known about Hospice she could have spent her last days in the comfort of her own home.

I am so proud of our Guitar Parlor patrons for helping us raise money for such a worthy cause.  Thank you so much!

On a lighter note, the performances were awesome.  I recorded some clips on our new Flip Mino HD camera so that you can enjoy them, too.

A HUGE thanks to Vivian Lanzarone who did a fantastic job hosting our Guitar Parlor at her studio, Space, in Highland.

And thanks to our talented performers and video clips of the performances below…

Jeff Padovani (or “Handsome Jeffrey,” as I like to call him)

Kyle Davidson

Gary Levitt of Setting Sun

Lawrence (who filled in last minute with an outstanding set of covers from The Smiths to the Carter Family…I don’t even know his last name!)

What do you think?  Watch the videos and leave me a comment.

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