Guitar Parlor Photos From Vivian Photography

Our friend Vivian Lanzarone of Vivian Photography sent us some awesome photos she took of our Guitar Parlor last month.

We rocked!  If I do say so myself.  You can check out videos of the performances posted in my previous Guitar Parlor post here.

Our final total donations made to Hospice was $1,150!

Here I am plucking the heart strings (and purse strings) of our generous guests, about to introduce my all-time favorite singer songwriter, Jeff Padovani.


Jeff and Mike Murphy from Hospice.  Gee, I wish Jeff smiled at me like that…


Handsome Jeffrey opening up for Guitar Parlor V.



Here’s a rare photo of the camera-shy Kyle Davidson in action.  It’s been said that Kyle is a musician who transcends his instrument.  Ethereal, bittersweet, spiritually transformative music.


And finally, Lawrence accompanying Gary Levitt of Setting Sun.  Gary’s music is a quirky, provocative addition to the Hudson Valley indie  music scene, performing here with Lawrence as his “soul.”  You can see how much Jeff is diggin’ it.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…it is such a pleasure to support talented Hudson Valley music and local charities.  Music for a cause, baby!

(Thanks for the awesome pics, Viv.)

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