Henry Hudson and the Perks of Hudson Valley Wedding Life


There are a lot of perks and privileges involved in the life of a Hudson Valley DJ.  Let me explain…

Jeff and I met when we were both working at IBM.  Yes, romance blossomed under the yellow lights of the manufacturing clean room; it flourished in the cold, corporate climate.  (Can you tell I just wasn’t cut out for the board room?)

At IBM our work environment was filled with stressed out, complaining coworkers and ill-tempered managers.  Switching into a career as a Hudson Valley DJ was a tremendous relief.  And those perks I was telling you about…

I’ve always been good at my past jobs.  A hard worker.  A people person.  An achiever.  But never, in  my entire life, have I been so appreciated, never have I been surrounded by so much LOVE as I am as a wedding DJ.

Being around happy people?  It’s the best feeling in the world.  But it doesn’t stop there.

We get to dine at the finest wedding establishments.  In fact, Jeff and I have become total foodies.  And being friends with the staff means (sometimes) they send us home with a little something extra.  Yum!

Every few weddings a couple invites us to take home one of their floral centerpieces, which means we often get to enjoy gorgeous floral arrangements in our home.

But a week ago we encountered a little “perk” we never expected.

Not only did we take home a beautiful centerpiece of a dozen red roses from our wedding at the Dutchess Manor, we took home a stray kitten.  He’d charmed the wedding guests outside all night, and when it came time for us to go we just couldn’t leave him in the January cold.

His black and gray marbled fur is soft as a rabbit, and when he curled up purring in my lap on the way home, I knew we were in for it.  Sure, Jeff and I grumbled about adding him to our menagerie (two ghetto dogs and two cats) but it was all over the minute he slipped his paw over the threshold.

We call our newest wedding favor, little Henry Hudson.  It is the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s famous exploration, after all.

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