Her Morning Elegance Prompts Navel Gazing

There I was innocently consulting Yahoo Weather to check the outside temperature before deciding whether or not to take the ghetto dogs for their morning run, and…WE INTERRUPT THIS PROGRAM.  “Find out why millions of people are watching this woman sleepwalk without leaving her bed.”

Sleep walk in bed?  Millions watching? I don’t usually follow these tantalizing, distracting bits of news, but…This better be good.

I had no idea I’d be viewing one of the most creative music videos I’ve seen in years.

And the soundtrack, Oren Lavie’s “Her Morning Elegance,” is like taking a dreamy, mid-morning nap, a spirited stroll through the secret existence where each of us dwells alone, enveloped in the otherworld of Sleep.  A voyeuristic guilty pleasure, a reminder of our separateness and the beauty of watching it from a distance.

I don’t have any experience with sleep walking, but sleep talking is another matter…

Jeff often wakes in the middle of the night, jabbering in half-sleep.  Sometimes he yells, “Ah!” awakening from a nightmare.  I am startled from sleep, heart thumping in my chest.  “Spiders,” he’ll mumble, pointing to the darkened corner of the ceiling.  Sometimes I think I see them, too.

Last week he woke up and shook me.  “Steph, there are spiders.  Can I climb out of your side of the bed, just in case there are spiders over here?”

Shaking the sleep from my eyes, I nodded my head…until his words registered.  I laughed softly.  “There are no spiders, honey.  You can get out on your side.”

I was right, this time.  But it’s spooky to realize how different things are inside someone else’s skull.  Even sleeping side by side, you’re in totally different worlds.

Enough philosophizing!  Is this video cool, or what?

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