Highlands Country Club Wedding Teren and Nate

7.2.10  It was our first time at the Highlands Country Club for Teren and Nate’s wedding.  The high ceilings of the Victorian ballroom, the huge chandelier, elegant fireplaces with candles on the mantle and in the hearth and paintings on the walls made quite the impression!

Jeff performed acoustic guitar outside on the patio during cocktail hour as guests lounged beside the fire pit.  I can’t think of a more fitting setting for this couple’s intimate reception.

Teren and Nate made an enthusiastic entrance to “Beautiful Day” by U2 before dancing to “All About Our Love” by Sade, Nate playing to the crowd.  And they ought to show off a bit; Nate was the one who taught Teren to salsa dance, after all.

THE DETAILS:  Centerpieces of blue and white hydrangeas and blue roses with packs of blue playing cards as favors on the tables.  The bridesmaids wore above the knee jazz blue dresses.

Blue and White Centerpiece

Photo by Steph

Teren was the picture of loveliness, wearing a Mantilla veil over with her auburn hair drawn up into an elegant side knot and secured with a white flower hairpiece.  (The veil was inspired by photos from her grandmother’s wedding.)  She carried a bouquet of long white calla lilies.

Jumping Bridal Party

Half way through the night the couple revealed to me that their biggest worry was that their guests might not dance.  When they told me, I couldn’t help but laugh.  We would have had to fight to keep these guys off the dance floor!  The energy was incredible.  Even after enjoying s’mores over the fire pit outside, they still came back for more.

S'mores After the Wedding

At the end of the night, we revealed the location of the surprise honeymoon Nate had planned for his new bride: Acapulco, Mexico!

The Highlands crew did an amazing job (Adrienne is an absolute joy!) and the Garrison’s little sister lived up to its reputation.  Teren and Nate, your love and playfulness filled the room and made it a night to remember.  Thanks for inviting us to be a part of it!

Highlands Country Club

Photos by Ion Zupcu *Photos in this blog post (except my blurry table shot) courtesy of Ion Zupcu.

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