Hollow Brook Golf Club Wedding: Heidi and Mike

10.9.10  It was our first of two Celtic weddings this weekend at the Hollow Brook Golf Club in Cortlandt Manor, NY. Bride and Groom in Bubbles Kissing

Heidi had been planning her Westchester wedding, “since she was 13,” (according to her sister) and all that planning paid off in an experience full of amazing detail served up with a generous sense of humor.

In case you’ve never been there, the Hollow Brook has a stunning view, and the autumn foliage made it even more gorgeous.  Guests enjoyed cocktails and cigars on the tiered decks.

Setting their Celtic tone, Heidi and Mike were introduced to the rockin’ “Cadence to Arms” by Dropkick Murphy.  Heidi was beautifully radiant, with a beaming smile and, yes, Mike wore a kilt.

(Heidi had us play, “The Scotchman,” during dinner, a song that asks the age old question, “I wonder if it’s true what he don’t wear beneath his kilt.”)

The Details

The fall themed floral arrangement incorporated grapes, apples and leaves as well as hand-picked mini pumpkins.  Guests received favors of candied apples with an “H & M” tag matching the printed menus.  Instead of champagne, guests toasted with traditional Celtic mead.

It’s never an easy thing to celebrate an occasion as important as a wedding day when you’re missing a loved one.  But Mike and his family found the perfect way to honor his mother.  Mike converted his mother’s favorite version of the song, “Daisy a Day” from vinyl to mp3 and email it to us.

Bride in Boots

Mike’s father explained, “Since Mike’s mother couldn’t be here to dance with him, we had to find a substitute.  And it couldn’t be me because I don’t dance with men who wear skirts.”  Instead, Mike shared that dance with his three sisters in honor of his mother.

Ah, the joys of the Smiths, the Clash and the Cure!  We added some New Wave touches to the Celtic vibe, along with a healthy dose of some of the newlyweds’ favorites by Sting and the Police.

Cool Idea for the Bride and Groom

Heidi and Mike chose four songs to dance to throughout the night; they vowed that when each song was played they would meet on the dance Steph and the Father of the Bridefloor, no matter what they were doing.

From their thoughtful, fun loving song choices…“Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” by Cake for the cake cutting, “2001 Space Odyssey” for the garter removal with Mike holding up his prize is triumph and grinning ear to ear, to name just a few…Heidi and Mike did an awesome job.

Now Heidi and Mike are off to London and Dublin.  Thanks so much for having us!

Hollow Brook Golf Club

Photos by Bella Photo *Photos in this blog post courtesy of Charity De Meer

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