Jelly Bean Inspiration

Jelly beans.


It all started with jelly beans.

It was a Westchester wedding Jeff and I DJ’ed at the charming stone house addition of the Westchester Rennaisance Hotel last June.

I walked from table to table, admiring the floral centerpieces.  I noticed that our couple, Megan and Jeff, had given their guests bags of jelly beans as wedding favors.  I thought it was a cute and smart choice.  Inexpensive and edible, it was something everyone could enjoy.  A perfect choice.

It wasn’t until later on that I understood why.

After Megan and Jeff shared their first dance, the Maid of Honor stood to propose her toast.  “I knew early on that Megan and Jeff were meant for each other,” she said.  “It was back in our first year of college.  We were home for winter break and it was New Year’s Eve.  Do you remember?”

The Maid of Honor smiled at Megan who blushed in response.  “Well, Megan was really missing Jeff.  And her family had this tradition that if you made a wish on grapes on New Year’s Eve at midnight, that wish would come true.  Only that year we were out of grapes.  So instead of making a wish on grapes, we decided to use jelly beans.”

The Maid of Honor held up one of the jelly bean favors for everyone to see.  “Megan took her jelly bean, closed her eyes, and made a wish.  ‘I wish for Jeff,’ she said.”

The entire room was silent.

“Jeff is her jelly bean wish come true.”

And just like that, that cute little jelly bean favor became meaningful.  A simple bag of jelly beans came to represent Megan and Jeff’s budding romance.

If you can find your “jelly bean” story…a story to share about the uniqueness of your love and relationship…and if you share it with your guests, the response will be unbelievable.  It will be something you and your guests will never forget.

So I challenge you to find your “jelly bean” story.  What makes you unique?  Leave me a comment and share a bit or send me an email if you’re not sure how to find it.

Everyone has a love story. And when you share it, your wedding is transformed from beautiful to UNFORGETTABLE.

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