Kirchhoff Consigli Holiday Party at the Grandview

12.18.09  Our last event of the year, taking it home with our friends at the Grandview at the ornamentsKirchhoff Consigli holiday party.  I can hardly believe it…2009 went so fast!

It was a pleasure to celebrate with such a tight knit group of co-workers, spouses and friends.  When we learned that Meatloaf’s “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” was their signature song, we knew these guys liked to PARTY.

But it wasn’t all just about the amazing door prizes being raffled off or shaking it on the dance floor.  Incoming President Greg Burns expressed his gratitude at climbing aboard the “Kirchhoff Express” and reminded us all to be grateful for what we have, especially in these times when so many people are suffering.

They danced to Lady Gaga and Mustang Sally, Journey and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  They enjoyed the Grandview’s decadent Italian Dessert Table.  There was no stopping them.

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on what’s important.  And then, of course, it’s time to celebrate!  That’s where Jeff and me and entertainers all over the world come in.

I’m taking an example from the Kirchhoff Consigli team: work hard, play hard and give thanks.

Happy Holidays!


Written by Stephanie Padovani

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