Locust Grove Mardi Gras Party

2.9.10 Joe Gemmati’s Mardi Gras party at Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie, NY was Mardi Gras Masksso much fun!

First, let me just say that Joe knows how to treat his guests to gourmet fare with style. Catering was done by Gino’s Restaurant: jumbo shrimp cocktail, succulent prime rib, sautéed portabella mushrooms…Yum!

The tables were decorated with mardi gras beads and masks. Guests danced, enjoyed cocktails and mingled…while Jeff gazed longingly at the bottles of Grey Goose martini tantalizingly backlight in electric blue on the bar.

This party was even more special because one of our 2009 newlywed couples, Donnamarie and Ed, were there post-honeymoon, to waltz to their First Dance song and bust out a little swing dancing. And another set of our bride’s parents were in attendance. Big hugs, smiles and laughs made this feel like a family reunion.

That’s the way to celebrate Mardi Gras, folks!

Locust Grove

Gino’s Restaurant

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