Locust Grove Wedding: Judy and Chris

6.4.11  Chris and Judy’s wedding at Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie, NY was a fun-tastic music lover’s delight filled with live performances.  It was totally one-of-a-kind and totally awesome!

It started with the wedding ceremony on the lawn out back.  Chris’ son, Todd, performed “Waiting for My Real Life to Begin” (originally by Colin Hay) for Judy’s walk down the aisle.  It was sweet, warm and so cool.

Judy was absolutely radiant and beaming the entire night.  During his toast, Chris mentioned that Judy is the kind of person who lights up the room, and she did she ever!

The Details

The tables were draped in sea green table cloths and topped with blush pink-peach rose petals and a simple, elegant arrangement of three mini white calla lilies in a bud vase surrounded by candles.  A video montage put together by Judy played in the corner beside their card box, a miniature model of their house.

The double chocolate cake was topped with a white peony and decorated with yellow lilies.  It was made by the talented caterer, Claudia’s Kitchen, and it was a REAL cake, not “wedding cake,” rich and delicious.  (Okay, I usually avoid wedding cake at all costs, but I made an exception for this one because it just looked so good!)

The Music

The live performances were the highlights of the night.  First, a husband and wife duet by the officiant team on piano, singing “Perfect Day.”  Later on, Todd played guitar and sang a song about family, then accompanied his fiancée, Anna, for her beautiful original piece, “Sure as the Sun.”

The entire family performed together, Chris on piano, Todd on guitar, Judy on guitar (after only six months of lessons!) and Chris’ daughter, Heather singing, “Come Away With Me.”  What a memory!

Okay, maybe I spoke too soon about the performances being the highlight of the night.  Chris and Judy were far too creative to include only a few stand out moments.

Other highlights included:

•    A surprise “Thriller Dance.”  As the first beats started, Judy and Chris tipped their heads in time and moved to the empty dance floor to break into the ghoul’s dance.  After a minute they were joined by fifteen of their guests in a choreographed routine that included four generations!

•    A birthday cake in celebration of Judy’s parent’s 83rd and 85th birthdays!

•    A “sentimental” Chicken Dance.  Judy took the microphone, called everyone up into a circle to share a moment with a “meaningful” song.  She clucked like a chicken, quite convincingly as she is known to do, and it was on!

This night was all about music, performance and family, bringing them together in a combination that could only have been a celebration of Chris and Judy’s life and love.  Bravo!

Locust Grove

Photos by EID Photography

Catering by Claudia’s Kitchen

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