Locust Grove Wedding Robin and Matt

10.16.09  We’ve seen Robin at plenty of Locust Grove weddings when she was working as a pastry robin-matt-posingchef and maitre’d…but it was a completely different and moving experience to see Robin as the beautiful bride at her own wedding.

The cocktail hour was held in the Reese Gallery, the centerpiece an autumnal bounty of gourmet cheese and crudites.  Jeff’s acoustic guitar performance resonated throughout as guests explored the rooms.

THE DETAILS: The West Gallery was transformed into a fall paradise: brown linens on the tables, orange, peach and yellow tulips in the floral arrangements and small jars of honey as favors, “Robin and Matthew, Meant To Bee.”  So cute!

CAKES!  As a pastry chef, Robin has a passion for cakes.  She and Matt had not one, not two, but three cakes: almond, apple and chestnut decorated with icing leaves; a white bananas foster cake adorned with roses; a Black Forest grooms cake covered with tiny bees and flowers.

Photo by Steph

Photo by Steph

Robin danced with her father, Doo Wop Dave, to a beautiful song that was new to us, “You’re Daddy’s Little Girl” by Roger and the Travelers.  It’s perfect if you have a doo wop loving father like Robin’s.

But most impressive of all were Robin and Matt.  Robin was the perfect bride, dancing and robin-matt-kissinglaughing all night, so sweet and lovely…even as she sang the words to “Big Pimpin'” by Jay-Z, her favorite artist!  And Matt was so handsome in his Marine uniform.  He kissed her gently throughout the night, their happiness filling the room.

At the end of the night Matt asked if we might sneak in some Linkin Park; he and his friends head-banged along to “Bleed It Out.”

robin-matt-cakesIn weddings, the only rule is that there is no rule…unless you make it.

Robin and Matt, you outdid yourselves!

Locust Grove

Catering by Main Course

Photos by Cheryl Bolton Reuter *Photos in this post by Cheryl–except for the lame one by me!

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