New Favorite Non-Traditional Mother Son Dance Song

I’ve fallen in love again.  With a song.

This would be perfect for a mother son dance song.  It’s loosely about a relationship between a mother and son, though the lyrics are a bit cryptic.  It’s definitely NOT traditional.  But it’s unbelievably lovely and it gives me chills.

“Flume” performed by Peter Gabriel

This is actually a cover of a Bon Iver song.  If you like that indie-folk acoustic feel, you might perfer Bon Iver’s version.

“Flume” performed by Bon Iver

I think this song choice illustrates an important point…

You do not have to pick a traditional parent dance song unless you want to.  The most important thing is that it fits you.  It can be sentimental, bittersweet, funny, quirky or even weird.

If you think back over those moments in life with your mom and dad, a song may come to you.  It may very well be traditional, but it’s really okay if the perfect song isn’t “typical.”  As long as you and your parents get it, it will still be perfect.

Check out my previous posts on Parent Dance Wedding Songs for more ideas.  And if you’ve got a special song picked out, feel free to leave a comment and your choice!

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