Planning a Hudson Valley wedding ceremony? Make Sure Your Wedding Stands Out.

You’ve got the ceremony and reception nailed down…except you don’t really want to walk down the aisle to ‘Here Comes the Bride’. And we don’t blame you. If you’re looking for something unique, different and TOTALLY you, then you have found the answer.

Jeff’s been a professional guitarist for over 25 years, and he specializes in an improvisational blending of his roots in rock, jazz and blues, making his performance a style all its own. Jeff even enjoys learning new songs to make your walk down the aisle perfect for, well, YOU.

If you want to walk down the aisle to Panic! At the Disco or Guns ‘N Roses, you absolutely can! And trust us, it will be refined enough that even your grandmother will approve. Jeff has an uncanny ability to “ceremony-ize” most songs, creating a cover version that’s beautiful, and perfect for your wedding day.

If you’re planning a Hudson Valley wedding ceremony, take a minute to consider something totally unique, and give you wedding day a truly special touch.

Just a small sampling of covers that Jeff has performed: ‘Patience’ by Guns ‘N Roses, ‘Little Wing’ by Jimi Hendrix, ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz, ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by the Beatles, ‘You and Me’ by Dave Matthews Band, and many, many more!

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