Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel Wedding: Heather and Scott

8.7.11  Heather and Scott’s wedding at the Grand Hotel in Poughkeepsie, NY was a outstanding example of how you can personalize your wedding and really draw your guests into the celebration.  The possibilities are limitless…and they proved it!

Heather and Scott describe themselves as a “quirky, weird hipster couple,” and while that may be accurate in some ways, it doesn’t come close to conveying their warmth, romance and vivaciousness.

Let’s get something straight here: it’s not easy to have an eclectic song list filled with artists as diverse as Leonard Cohen, Nirvana and Arcade Fire, and still have a kick ass party…especially on a Sunday night.  Yet another reason why Heather and Scott are amazing!

The Ceremony

The ceremony began with a humorous dissertation on marriage, socially, historically, etymology and chemically, in honor of

Photo by Steph

Heather and Scott’s scholarly backgrounds.  But it was the vows they had written for each other completely stole the show.  (I didn’t take notes because I was too busy wiping my eyes, if that tells you anything.)

Heather was beyond adorable!  She wore a strapless gown with chunky pearls and a sapphire and diamond necklace.  Her hair drawn back in a white feather fascinator and topped with a bird cage veil, the image of funky vintage cool.

After the ceremony, guests threw paper airplanes instead of rice, and the couple ducked, laughing, as they walked back down the aisle.

The Details

The bridesmaids wore deep blue dresses cut above the knee and blue feathers in their hair, and carried wildflower bouquets.  The groomsmen and Men of Honor wore smart gray suits.

Heather and Scott met at Rhino Records, and music was a primary feature of their wedding.  Each table was named for a They Might Be Giants song, each title written on a record: Robot Parade, My Brother the Ape, Through Being Cool.

The wedding cake, created by talented pastry chef (and former bride of ours!) Robin Brophy, was just gorgeous, with white sugar flowers, each with blue or purple stamens, and topped with a pair of owls.

Photo by Steph

The Music

Heather and Scott shared their first dance to “I Called You Back” by Bonnie Prince Billy, the song Scott played for her on their very first date, declaring boldly (prophetically?), “I’m playing this song at my wedding.”

Heather surprised Scott by singing, “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” accompanied by Dave on guitar and Matt on harmony.  She explained that she had combed their music collection of over 5,000 albums searching for a song that represented Scott, only to settle on a song that is an extension of their vows, “exploring the dark side of love,” the macabre Scott had taught her to appreciate.  Her voice was clear, sweet and sincere.  Scott listened to his new bride sing, absolutely beaming.

This was the first time we saw the bride body surfing on the dance floor.  Yes, body surfing!  And also the first time we had the groom’s mother pull out a whiffle bat to chase her son around during their dance together to the Ramones, “Beat on the brat with a baseball bat, oh yeah!”

We also had the pleasure of visiting with THREE of our former couples who were among Heather and Scott’s guests.

We are so honored to have played a part in your day.  Truly, truly honored.  Thanks for inviting us, Heather and Scott!

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel

Photos by Matt Petricone

Cake by Robin Brophy

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