Poughkeepsie Holiday Party for Indotronix 2010

12.11.10  Jeff and I don’t do many holiday parties because we’re pretty much all about the weddings.  

But every once in a while a special event comes along, and the Indotronix holiday party is one of them.

We used to work in the corporate world years ago; it was long hours, pitiful pay and little thanks.  But these guys really treat their team like family and it shows.

They go all out with a smorgasbord buffet of Indian and Italian food, gifts of wine and chocolate for the grown ups, presents for the kids.  They even had a puppet show featuring Grover, Ernie, Burt and Barney for the little ones.

Check out the kids playing with the puppet spider in this photo.

These kids are so darn cute!  We danced, we hokey pokey-ed (yes, there is an occasional time when we can bust out some cheese in the appropriate environment) we sang and clapped our hands.

The little ones make me want to be a kid again.  Heck, they remind me that I am a kid.

That’s what the holiday spirit is supposed to be all about.  And that’s why I am so grateful that we were able to revisit our friends at Indotronix once again.  Happy Holidays!

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