Poughkeepsie Tennis Club Fundraiser for the American Heart Association

1.20.11  A group of dynamic Hudson Valley women business owners threw a fantastic fundraiser this week, the Live Love Learn Event at the Heart CandiesPoughkeepsie Tennis Club, to raise money for the American Heart Association.  Lucky for Jeff and me, they invited us to be a part of it!

Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of Women in the US

Sadly, heart disease kills more women in the United States than any other factor.  I read quite a few of the stories in the literature provided by the American Heart Association, and most of them started out with, “I thought it was just indigestion…I was certain it would pass quickly.”

As women, we’ve got to listen to our bodies and take care of them first before we worry about taking care of everyone else.  It’s a tricky balancing act for busy partners, moms and business women, and an essential one.

That’s my soapbox moment!

Kudos to Live Love Learn

This is the second annual Live Love Learn fundraiser, and these amazing ladies did a fantastic job pulling off the event.  A nutritionist, gym, yoga studio and acupuncturist offered phenomenal discounts and free gifts to support women’s commitment to heart health in 2011.

If that isn’t enough to inspire you, local businesses donated fantastic door prizes and raffle prizes, each worth at least $200.  T-shirts were also for sale, with all the proceeds going to the American Heart Association.

Jeff and I are busy, just like everyone is busy.  But these ladies reminded me how important it is to GIVE BACK.  We’re blessed with so much that it’s time we helped out others and helped ourselves in the process.

Have a happy, healthy 2011!

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