Rhinecliff Hotel Wedding: Esther and Breandan

7.10.11  Esther and Breandan’s wedding at the Rhinecliff Hotel exceeded our already high expectations with amazing detail, cultural diversity and FUN.

The reception began with the introduction of the bridal party to “Hello” by Martin Solveig.  It was followed by a Korean tea ceremony called a paebaek.  Breandan and Esther knelt and bowed to their family members attired in traditional hanboks. The pillows were red and blue with embroidered cranes and symbols, and they sat before a colorful display of fruit, chestnuts and dates.

The Korean tradition holds that the number of dates and chestnuts caught in the bride’s skirt predicts how many children they will have.  The parents tossed the nuts into the skirt: 11 girls and 17 boys!

Esther was just as stunning when she was reintroduced in her traditional Western wedding gown, her long black hair held back in a comb.  I loved hearing Breandan give his speech explaining that he was very picky when it came to women and his mother had urged him to “lower his standards,” but when he met Esther there was no need for compromise.

The Details

The bridesmaids wore mocha gowns and carried slender bouquets of pink orchids.  The tables were decorated with submerged purple orchids.  The cake was an elegant white piece covered in tiny white balls and topped with lamb cake toppers.

This was our first time at the Rhinecliff and it was a true pleasure!  The food was amazing, the service was first class, and the view of the river at sunset is unsurpassed.

The newlyweds included a tribute to Breandan’s Irish tradition as well with a performance by Irish step dancers.  Later on we played, “I’ll Tell Me Ma” for guests to try their own step dancing, and Breandan tore up the floor!

Cool Signature Cocktails

Breandan and Esther offered three signature cocktails to their guests: the Berita, the Baby Guinness and the Mongolian (that’s it’s G-rated name.)  The bar was certainly a popular place to be!

This was an amazing night rich in culture and full of love.  You outdid yourselves, Esther and Breandan!

Rhinecliff Hotel

Kat Cheng Photography All photos by Kat Cheng

Celtic Heels Irish Step Dancers

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