Round Hill House Wedding Stephanie and Josh

10.9.09 Stephanie and Josh’s wedding at Round Hill House under the indigo faux night sky of the neck-kissatrium room infused their personalities and history into a remarkable ceremony.

Jeff performed on acoustic guitar as the guests took their seats.  Then, as the bridesmaids readied for their walk down the aisle, he swapped positions with Stephanie’s brother who played and sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis.  Dogs Lily and Magee, the ring bearer and flower girl with sunflowers tucked under their collars, were walked down the aisle.

Stephanie blinked back tears and smiled at her brother’s serenade, stunning in her strapless mermaid dress as she met Josh before Stephanie’s uncle, the minister.  Their marriage had been many years in the making (a fact the newlyweds were teased about numerous times in the ceremony and toasts.)


The bride’s uncle related a few character defining highlights from their childhoods…

At eight years old, Stephanie decided to dress all in black for school one day; when her teached asked why, her answer: “Because I am a unique individual!”  At the same tender age, Josh was riding in the front seat with his brother when his father passed out at the wheel of the car.  In a heroic move, Josh controlled the car until his father regained consciousness, saving all their lives.

Though Stephanie and Josh didn’t know each other as young children, they each enjoyed summers playing in the sand of Long Island beaches.

I learned so much about this couple and their love story listening to a ceremony delivered by Stephanie’s uncle, who had actually been present at her birth.maple-syrup

THE DETAILS:  Tables in the dining room were decked out in brown linens accented with mini-pumpkins, gourds and leaves.  Guests took home personalized jars of maple syrup.  Sunflowers!

We snuck 80’s power ballads into the dinner hour music, songs by Heart, Def Leppard and Led Zeppelin…Stephanie’s guilty pleasures.

We also got to see our friends Catherine and Scott, whose wedding we performed at back in spring. kiss-from-below It was great to reconnect…and pay “C’mon Ride the Train” for an enthusiastic Scott.

The day was amazing!  Thanks so much for making us a part of it.

Round Hill House

Photos by Majestic Studios *All photos in this blog courtesy of Majestic Studios

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