Same Sex Marriage Law In CT

Photo by David Goehring

Photo by David Goehring

gay-weddingSince we worked with two vendors who specialize in civil union and same sex marriage celebrations, photographer Glenn Koetzner and the Wake Robin Inn of Lakeville, CT, I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to expand our wedding entertainment services to this group.

So I started educating myself…and I learned that Connecticut is the third state (after Massachusetts and California) to legally recognize same sex marriage in addition to civil unions.  It’s a recent development, as of November 2008, in fact.

A lovely lesbian couple approached us last year to provide the entertainment for their commitment ceremony.  We were excited to be involved, but were unavailable for their date by the time they were ready to book.  (Side note: I did see the gorgeous photos from their day at the Grandview, taken by wedding photographer Elissa Davidson.)

I was curious as to the differences between a traditional wedding reception and a same sex wedding…and aside from the obvious differences, the event proceeds pretty much the same.  Good music, good food, good fun.  Every couple wants fun, loving, compassionate (and cheese-free) entertainment catered to their own style, personality and preferences.

Jeff and I are always up for new experiences when it comes to entertainment.  That’s one of the many things that makes our job so much fun!

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