Secret To Wowing Your Wedding Guests


In our 9 plus years as a wedding DJ Hudson Valley team, Jeff and I have seen A LOT of weddings.  Hundreds, actually.

So what makes one Dutchess county wedding different from the next?

The one thing that makes your wedding completely different than any other…an experience that your wedding guests have never seen before…the one thing no wedding in the world has ever seen before is…


Yes, that sounds incredibly obvious.  But indulge me and think about it for a second.

Your guests have never seen you walk down the aisle in “the” wedding dress…

They’ve never heard your First Dance song while he twirls you around the dance floor…

They’ve never felt how real your love is and understood how your wedding really represents you in every shade, sight and sound in the elegant environment you’ve chosen for your wedding.


Why do I bring this up?

The key to really wowing your wedding guests and have them saying yours was the best wedding EVER is sharing your story with them.

The more your wedding guests understand what makes you who you are, why you and your fiance are meant for each other and what your relationship is all about…the more connected they feel.  When they’re connected emotionally, they get involved.

When your guests feel connected and involved…they HAVE FUN.

The key to wowing your guests isn’t spending lots of money or giving them favors so exotic that no one has ever seen them before.

It’s letting them experience YOU.

When you do that something magical happens.  And the FUN begins.  When your guests feel like they are a part of your wedding…not just strangers observing it, but honored guests who are creating it with you…the music starts and they won’t be able to keep themselves away from the dance floor.

So when Jeff and I encourage you to share your story with your guests, we really have a selfish motive.  We want your party to be the slam dunk, non-stop dancing party we know it can be.

Plus, I’m a sucker for hearing a good Hudson Valley wedding love story.

I’m just a romantic sap, after all. *grin*

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