Surf Club Wedding of Helen and Ying

5.8.10  It was our first time visiting the Surf Club in New Rochelle for Helen and Ying’s wedding.  I can’t say enough

Helen and Ying at the Surf Club

Blurry photo by Steph

wonderful things about this couple!  They are smart, talented, funny and their wedding day combined all these traits into an amazing celebration.

Helen was a gorgeous bride.  She wore a beautiful white wedding gown for her ceremony, then changed into a red chi pao for the Chinese tea ceremony, then changed again into her wedding gown.  A whirlwind of wardrobe changes, but Helen didn’t look winded in the least.  And Ying looked like, “a Chinese James Bond,” to quote the minister’s words.

As Helen and Ying prepared to make their entrance to the reception, guests sounded their Chinese hand drums in anticipation until the couple was finally introduced to, “Everlasting Love” by Carl Carlton.

Here’s their beautiful first dance song, “I Will” by Leona Lewis.

In addition to the tea ceremony, Helen and Ying wrote love letters to each other.  Helen’s even contained a limerick!  The show stopper was Ying’s performance of a Chinese love song…his first time singing in public.  A photo montage of the couple through the years came later.

But the highlight of the reception was probably the live broadcast of a Skype toast from Kenya!  Wedding guests were able to watch and listen as Ying’s friend Steve proposed his toast as it was projected onto the screen.

And what a toast!  In it toast Steve revealed Ying’s 5 Special Abilities, which include the ability to sleep standing up (something that came in handy in med school) and being a “natural ballet dancer.”  Hysterically funny and heart felt, I was amazed to witness the magic of technology that brought Africa right into the wedding.

As the skies cleared that afternoon, guests enjoyed spectacular views of the Long Island Sound from the deck outside.

It was a gorgeous wedding filled with love and fun.  Jeff and I are so happy we were a part of it.  Thanks, Helen and Ying!

The Surf Club

Photos & Video by Ron White

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