The Wow Effect: A Wedding That Is Totally You (Part 2)

Photo by Steve Jurvetson

Photo by Steve Jurvetson

It’s vitally important to wow your guests so that they experience your wedding as unique and totally unforgettable. The bonus is that when they “get” who you are they become connected and involved…which means they have more FUN.

If you don’t wow your guests, they won’t get that your wedding is totally you. Your wedding will look just like every other cookie-cutter wedding they’ve attended.

When your guests are engaged and involved in the events of your wedding, they get active and interested. They have FUN…and so do you.

The more you involve your guests, the more it works, and the more unique and fun your wedding becomes.

There are three levels on which you can engage your guests: PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, and EMOTIONALLY. And guess what? None of them are expensive.

1) Engage them in ACTION. You can do this by inviting them to participate in a reading, performance, or a group activity.

2) Engage them in THOUGHT. Challenge their minds with a quiz or a game. Get them remembering and imagining.

3) Engage them in EMOTION. Get your guests involved and invested in the events of your wedding by touching their feelings. When they really “get” the love between you and your fiancé, when they laugh or cry, they are emotionally engaged.

These three levels for engaging your guests can be combined for the greatest Wow Effect. But by far the most powerful and best suited technique for a romantic, unforgettable day like your wedding is emotional engagement.

Hey, what do you think about all this talk about “wowing” your guests?  Leave me a comment.

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