Villa Borghese Chelsea Yacht Club Commodore’s Ball

2.20.10  This was our third year partying with the members of the Chelsea Yacht Club at their annual Commodore’s Ball at the Villa Borghese in Wappingers Falls, NY.

They are a sweet, lively bunch who are like family to each other…and to us, too.  As the Commodore expressed in her speech, “I asked my granddaughter on Thanksgiving Day who was the oldest member of our family.  And she asked back, ‘Out of just the people at the table or everyone from Chelsea Yacht Club?'”

One of the past Commodore’s stood up to accept his award and say thanks.  “I always forget to thank my wife,” he admitted.  “Not because I forget my wife, but because she’s such an integral part of my life that I couldn’t do anything without her.”

The group boasts several adept ballroom dancers who love to waltz, foxtrot, rhumba and tango.  What a treat to watch them work the floor!  In a group whose median age is 61, they sure know how to enjoy themselves.

One of my favorite moments of the evening was watching the oldest member of the club, a spry young gentleman in his 90’s, tentatively join in to the Electric Slide.

It’s about family, fun and trophies for all that hard work.  Thanks for inviting us again, guys!

Villa Borghese

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