Villa Borghese Wedding Trina and John

7.9.10  We knew we were in for a good time at Trina and John’s wedding, even before they shared the planning details of their teal and ivory wedding at the Villa Borghese, because they Trina and John at the Villa Borghese are just such cool people.  They love music (especially John, a drummer with a history of musicianship) and they are completely in love with each other…always a recipe for an unforgettable wedding.

The couple asked Jeff to perform a piece called “Love Dreams” on acoustic guitar for Trina’s walk down the aisle.  The song was written many years ago by John’s grandfather; in order to pull this off, John had to sneak the sheet music from his mother, then have a friend learn it and record it on Youtube for Jeff…all while keeping the big secret.  No easy feat!

John made special mixes of “Paradise City” by Guns ‘N Roses for the bridal party’s introduction and “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen.  (Since Trina is a beautiful teacher, it seemed the obvious choice.)  More surprising, after the newlyweds were announced, John pulled an apple from his pocket and with a flourish, offered it to his lovely bride.

Beautiful Trina

Trina's Shoes

They wrote romantic love letters for each other and John’s made mention of the first Metallica concert they attended together.  Well, we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to sneak in some of John’s favorite band, so we played a few bars of “Master of Puppets.”  ROCK ON!

Teal Bridal Party

THE DETAILS:  The bridesmaids wore beautiful teal dresses and carried pink and white bouquets.  Since John is a classic Oldsmobile collector, each table was named after a different A Tender Momentmodel.  Guests received CD favors with a picture of the groom’s Olds on the front, all displayed beside a license plate, “Trina and John Just Married” and the lyrics to “In My Merry Oldsmobile.”

The personal touches were amazing, the love was undeniable.  Trina and John, thanks so much for letting us be a part of it!

Villa Borghese

Photos by Majestic Studios *Photos in this blog courtesy of Kat from Majestic Studios.

Video by Artistic Images

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