Weddings Songs: The Last Dance

Having a tough time choosing the last dance of the night? You DON’T have to go with “New York, New York” or The Last Dance“The Last Dance” by Donna Summer. Really.

One of our emo, alternative-loving couples asked us to dig up something wedding appropriate by Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance or Coheed and Cambria to play for the last song of the night.

Good thing I’m up for a challenge! I think they might settle for “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional. I LOVE this song! We even used it for a ceremony processional last year…

The point is that you can pick pretty much whatever you. Have your entertainer announce the last song and it can easily turn into the great send off. Give it a little thought and will be the unbelievable grand finale to your wedding day.

Two Recommended Tricks for Picking the Perfect Last Song

1) Go Romantic and Sentimental.

Choose a love song that’s extra special to you. Maybe the runner up to your first dance or classic slow song everyone will enjoy. You’ll see all the couples swaying and sighing in happiness around you on the dance floor. If you love chick flicks and securing waterproof mascara was your number one makeup concern, this might be the way to go.

2) Stage a Sing Along Send Off.

If you’d rather end your evening on a fun note, choose a group sing along. Something along the lines of “Friends In Low Places” or “Don’t Stop Believin” is perfect. However, you can stretch outside the box if you know your group. Think back to the closing song at your favorite college bar; if your friends are there, it will be a sing and sway send off to remember.

I advise against picking a song that is too upbeat. Wind them up, up, up for the last song and you might have a riot on your hands when the lights turn on. Of course, if you’re aiming for an after party, that’s another story…

Get creative, have fun and find a last song that ends your night on a fitting note. Maybe a little Marvin Gaye, “Let’s get it on…”

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