West Park Winery Wedding: Carrie and Michael

9.3.11  Carrie and Michael’s wedding at West Park Winery in West Park, NY, captured the best of late summer.  They were married under the arbor on Deer Ridge, with a gentle breeze blowing as the sun set and Jeff performed acoustic guitar.

Carrie was lovely with her blonde hair drawn up, allowing tendrils to curl over her shoulders, and her eyes sparkled.

Photo by Steph

The Details

The bridesmaids wore sheer latte gowns and carried bouquets of pale green orchids and magenta calla lilies.  The guys wore black suits with calla lily boutonnières.  Fuchsia flowers set into stone vases sat in the center of each table, surrounded by aqua napkins.

In her toast, Michael’s sister turned to Carrie’s Facebook status to trace the journey of Carrie and Mike’s relationship over the past few years.  They had unexpectedly (and uncharacteristically) met in Las Vegas.

Carrie’s Facebook status summed it up.  “They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I guess that’s not true.  We’re getting married!”

The Love

Carrie and Michael wrote love letters for each other.  In his, Michael admitted that, “he wasn’t the neatest guy” and Carrie reminisced about their first date when he showed up, “dripping in sweat and carrying a giant diet Coke.”  Their love letters were as warm and sweet as they are!

Photo by Steph

The Music

The night let us dip into some 90’s old school hip hop, like Notorious BIG and Tupac, along with rock and roll classics by the Stones.  I loved watching guests on the dance floor raise their hands over Michael’s head (no easy task!) to “California Love.”

Thanks so much for inviting us to be a part of your incredible day!

West Park Winery

Photos by Dawna Cservak

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