West Park Winery Wedding Lisa and Sam

7.16.10  Lisa and Sam are fun-loving and “sassy” (as Sam puts it) with go with the flow personalities that can turn any event into a West Park Winery Ceremonyparty.  They brought every ounce of this coolness to their emerald green and silver wedding at the West Park Winery.

Let’s be blunt.  It was HOT.  We’ve had a string of 95 plus degree days that are enough to suck the life out of anyone.  When it gets hot at a wedding, guests can get crabby and uncomfortable.

But this wasn’t a problem at Lisa and Sam’s wedding, thanks to their game personalities…and West Park’s air conditioned tent.  Ahhhhh.

Lisa and Sam made a speedy entrance into the cool air and I got to read their love letters to each other before their first dance.  Sam declared how he felt like he didn’t need anything else when Lisa was around, “except maybe some food.”  Lisa listed the Reasons Why she was marrying Sam…one of which was because she never had to worry about wearing high heels (Sam is quite a bit taller than the already statuesque Lisa.)

THE DETAILS:  Emerald green linens on the tables set with a vase of white daisies.  The bridesmaids wore emerald gowns with a silver sash at the waist and carried white daisy bouquets.  Instead of a cake there was a beautiful display of cupcakes topped with green sugar flowers and at the top a miniature cake topped with bride and groom penguins.

The tables were numbered after significant events in Lisa and Sam’s courtship: the 2006 Table (the year they met at Ohio State) and the 134 Table (the number of days after Sam first said I love you that it took Lisa to admit she felt the same.)

Lisa was amazingly beautiful in her strapless gown, with a quick smile and that mischievous twinkle in her eye.  Her emerald and diamond earrings added a gorgeous splash of color to match her girls.

Lisa’s family made a place for the famous German family toast and taught guests how to sing along as well.

You want to talk about dance floor energy?  These guys tore it up!  I especially enjoyed Sam’s “Single Ladies” moves (seriously, he does them as well as Beyonce) and the spontaneous choreography spurred on by Sam’s brother and sister.  Amazing!

Sam and Lisa, you inspire me with your love and fun-filled energy.  Thanks so much for inviting us to be a part of your day!

West Park Winery

Photos by Hillary Harvey

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