Why Plan A Green Hudson Valley Wedding?


Jeff and I are performing for our first, official green Hudson Valley wedding this April.

What is a “green wedding,” you ask?

It has nothing to do with the wedding colors…*grin*

A green wedding incorporates eco friendly practices and utilizes environmentally friendly products and services as much as possible to reduce energy consumption and harmful impact on the environment.

Jeff has been interested in renewable energy for years, and we are both strong advocates for environmental awareness and preservation, so the prospect of participating in a green Hudson Valley wedding is truly exciting.

It also made me really how ignorant I am when it comes to the impact some of my actions have on the environment.  Really, I just hadn’t given it a lot of thought until now.

Thanks to our green bride (Stacey, you are the best!) I’ve got tons of information and resources about planning a green Hudson Valley wedding to share with you.

Why should you consider a green wedding?

Do It To Save Money.  That’s right, green weddings can actually cost less.  The more you REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE…the more you save.  More on how a green wedding saves money at this link.

Do It To Save the Environment.  Conserving energy and resources leaves more for the future.  Less use means less waste and less damage to the environment.

Do It To Save Your Health.  Local, organic produce, natural fabrics and materials are biodegradable and eco friendly.  They don’t spew chemicals and toxins into the air we breathe and the earth our food is grown in.  It helps keep you and your family healthy.

Do It To Make Your Wedding Personal.  If preserving the environment and making eco friendly choices is important to you, incorporating that into your wedding day makes it more personal and unique.  It’s another way to make your day truly yours.

Do It To Feel Good.  Sure, it’s only one wedding.  It’s only one day.  But every little bit makes a difference.

My bride Stacey inspired me to educate myself, “green-ify” my life, and write about what I’ve learned.  In the same way, you can inspire your wedding guests to take even a few actions that will have a BIG impact.

It all starts with you

(I’ve got way too much information here for one little blog post.  Stay tuned: more green wedding thoughts to come!)

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