Winter Wonderland Wedding Hudson Valley Style

Photo by Fleur Phillips

Photo by Fleur Phillips

After last weekend’s storm, I think it’s official.  Winter is here. Ready or not.

But December can be a great time to have your wedding, Hudson Valley style.


Let me share a few secrets…

  • You’ll save money on decorations.  Catering halls around the Hudson Valley are already decked to the hilt, trees draped in tinsel, ornaments, lights, wreaths, even mistletoe.  You won’t have to do much to add to the holiday feel, and that saves you a bundle.
  • You’ll save on booking your wedding vendors.  Here in the Hudson Valley, corporations are cutting back on their holiday events and weddings are few in December.  Less demand means that catering halls, wedding DJs and photographers will be eager for your businesses.  That translates to DISCOUNTS.
  • December is typically NOT known for huge snow storms.  (Leave it to last weekend to make a liar out of me.)  Especially if your Hudson Valley wedding is in early December, you’ll avoid the foul weather and take advantage of savings and that holiday charm.
  • Your family may already be coming into town.  If that’s the case, combining your wedding festivities with holiday travel to the Hudson Valley is a winning combo.

If you’re planning a winter wonderland wedding in the Hudson Valley, some things to consider:

Cold Weather.  It’s likely your photographer will want to take you into the wild, freezing outdoors for pictures.     Make sure you can handle the cold.  Or buy an elegant faux fur wrap or cloak to keep you warm.

Travel.  If your guests are coming from out of town, you might end up with cancellations if you run into bad weather.  We got hit with a snow storm that dropped 18 inches on the Hudson Valley during one January wedding a few years back.  The couple was supposed to have 85 guests attending…only 27 people showed up.

Environment.  It’s not as pretty in December…unless you’re blessed with snow, in which case you deal with travel issues.  The Hudson Valley is known for its gorgeous fall foliage, but once it falls from the trees it’s mostly naked branches and brown lawns.  Make sure you choose an indoor location that has lots of photographic interest to compensate.

What do you think about winter weddings?  Leave me a comment.

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