Your Green Hudson Valley Wedding


So you’d like to plan a green Hudson Valley wedding.  (If you have questions about WHY you would want to have a green Hudson Valley wedding, check out my earlier blog post.)

Where do you start?

The internet is a wonderful resource for planning an eco friendly wedding.  Bridal magazines and websites are jumping on the green band wagon with lots of information.  But here are some of the most comprehensive sites available:

Natural Resources Defense Council – The NRDC is arguably the most effective environmental legislation and awareness organization in the United States.  You’ll find a guide to greening your event and simple steps to living green, along with how to find green businesses.
The Nature Conservancy – The Nature Conservancy is one of the world’s most respected environmental advocacy groups.  Here’s a link to specific info about green weddings.
These sites will help you figure out which businesses are really eco friendly.  Remember when the words “natural” and “organic” became buzz words?  Advertisers starting slapping these words on candy bars and sugary cereals, when their products were anything but.    Just because a business calls themselves “green,” it doesn’t mean they are.  A truly green business can offer PROOF of their environmentally friendly practices. -  You’ll find numerous sources of green wedding dresses and attire, along with ideas for planning an eco friendly wedding on a budget. and – Want a green wedding dress without offending your keen fashion sense or your pocket book?  Buy a used wedding dress.  Designer wedding gowns are available at a fraction of the retail cost.   Feel even better about yourself by buying a used or new designer dress from Brides Against Breast Cancer because all the proceeds go to breast cancer research…and you can write it off!

Green Wedding Flowers – The easiest way to go green when it comes to your wedding flowers is to choose locally grown, organic, in season blooms…which also happen to be the cheapest.  You can also talk to your florist about finding the most-cost effective and environmentally friendly options.

Green Wedding Invitations – Go for recycled invitations, easily found on sites like and ask your guests to RSVP by telephone or email.  (Bonus savings on response cards, envelopes and postage.)  Want to go even greener?  Skip physical invites altogether and send electronic invitations through a service like  Martha Stewart and Emily Post will just have to get over their etiquette obsessed selves.

Green Wedding Favors – A quick Google search for “green wedding favors” turns up dozens of great options, many of them quite inexpensive, such as these butterfly wildflower seed favors.  Go a step further and SKIP your favors altogether and make a donation to your favorite charity instead.

Green Hudson Valley Wedding Locations To Consider:

But even if you don’t consider yourself a “green” bride, every eco friendly wedding choice makes a difference.  Talk to your caterer, photographer and DJ for ideas about what you can do to conserve energy and choose more environmentally friendly products and services.

Got a questions about planning a green Hudson Valley wedding?  Any ideas to share?  Leave me a comment.

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